Thursday, December 3, 2009

Parenting: A Steep Learning Curve

As I drove my son to his first day of preschool I felt the sudden nudge, from within, to remind him, “When you have to go potty, don’t go outside. You need to tell the teacher and use the bathroom.”

These are conversations I could have never anticipated prior to having children. Being a mom has been the most intense learning curve of my life...and I love it. I love growing, learning, and becoming a better person--at least I hope that is what is happening. My sons are the best life-coaches I have ever hired.

I have learned that my wants, desire, and hopes don’t always come true. I’m learning to embrace the scorpions, snakes, and tarantulas. I’m accepting that antlers are a decorating option. I must become familiar with the ways of Optimus Prime and Megatron. I must immerse myself in the language of Star Wars so that the Force will be with us.

I’m learning that I love to be outnumbered. My mother-in-law promised me that I would discover the special bond between mother and son--hard to describe, but real and true. And I get three of these unique and special connections complete with WWF each night on the living room carpet. I’m usually on the bottom of the pile.

I have three little men who adore me. My oldest is always letting me know how beautiful I am, as he strokes my hair and places his hands on my cheeks. My middle is consistently finding me beautiful flowers, and my youngest....well, his looks melt the soul.

I’m already laying plans to scare off the adolescent girls: these boys are mine! My oldest niece is in the 7th grade. I’m getting scared. She is so boy crazy. She reads every look and action from boys in her class as confirmation of their undying love and affection. Great. My boys are doomed. My only hope is that they will find other passions to distract them as they navigate the teenage years.

But for now, I’m loving where we are at. Our kids like us. We are cool. Today my husband and I both visited and volunteered in our four-year-old's preschool class. He loved it, and so did we. Someday he may not, and that is OK. We will take each stage as it comes and enjoy it for what it brings....even if it brings silly girls who giggle too much.

Maybe the antlers will scare them off.

This was first published in The Newberg Graphic.


Jen Rouse said...

OK, I just read your post and then this post:

which is also about being a mom to boys, and I'm feeling a little sad now that we never had an Evan/Alex/Ezekiel (or any of the other boy names we thought of). Guess I better go put on The Nutcracker and watch my girls dance their pretend ballet to drown my sorrows... :)

Rebekah said...

Oh don't be. I was a bit sad when I saw you little one yesterday with her hair up on the top of her head. Oh, and if your girls happen to be the girls hanging around our house in 10 more years....I won't try to chase them off.

Crayon Wrangler said...

Found you through The Mom Blog Club (thingie-ma-doodle)

Look forward to reading some more when it quiets down around here. (So sometime in 2030...)

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marilyn said...

This is a special one, the heart of parenting and loving our kids at each stage, girl or boys.
Thanks for sharing your inner feelings and thoughts.

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