Thursday, December 8, 2011

What's On Your Christmas Tree?

I know you are jealous of my kid-theme-tree. I had a very heavy, ugly, dough ornament that I made as a child, and I made sure it always had a place on our family tree. As I got older I still wanted it on our tree, but would hide it near the back and toward the bottom.

This is my son's ugly ornament he made two years ago with his Grammy. And that is why he loves it. I suggested we not hang it, "No, I made that with Grammy!" And so it is front and center.

What ugly ornament adorns your tree and why?


Anonymous said...

Well, not necessarily ugly, but doesn't go with the rest. A paper garland my son brought home from school. I put it on the tree, he took if off and walked around with it. Then he put it back up. So I figured he wanted it on there. =)

Michelle said...

This is the first year my teenagers were very selective with their boxes of ornaments. I would still hang their pasta wreaths or their paper bag mittens, but they asked me not to. Sad! I'm sure in a few years they won't feel embarrassed by their preschool ornaments, and I'll once again hang them up!

beauty said...

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Rachel P. said...

My husband's clown ornament! Ugly, ugly, ugly! Especially for someone like me who hates clowns.