Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Book Picks


I like reading Christmas books to my boys during the month of December, helps get us all in the mood. I have a few of my own, but it isn't like I need a full arsenal, and that is why I love can get as many books as you want and not pay a dime! Of course, I do, since I always have a fine. It is the one fine I like paying---seems like a worthy cause. I hope they put my funds toward buying more books vs. a staff Christmas party.

The bummer in my search, is that all the Jesus themed stories I found were major disappointments. They were too poetic or metaphorical. Most were deep thoughts by adults that didn't translate to kids. But I don't want to slam those books, so I'm not going to expose their titles. I'm finding that my personal telling of the nativity is pretty good and the chapters in the boys' Bibles are perfect for their preschool minds.

So, here are some good picks of the secular persuasion:

This one is fun because you sing it as you read it, and my boys love that. Plus I do too. I also loved that they kept the traditional verses instead of trying to be modern or clever; instead the publishing company let the pictures be original, detailed, and unique.

I just discovered the series: My First Little House Books. Love them! I'm planning on placing a hold on the whole series! But for December I highly recommend the following:

Last, it is my favorite seasonal read for kids:

We actually own this one and it is quite cozy. I get drawn in to the Spirit of Christmas even when I read it in September.


Jessica and Jason said...

I had no idea they had Little House books for beginners! I'm so excited. Went right to and put them on Siennalee's wish list. :) I also hit the Albany library site and put a hold on the other books - which are, by the way, all still checked out. lol. Thanks for the reviews! Oh, and I guess *somebody* should write a cute and clever Christmas book that doesn't stray from the Jesus theme. *eHEM*

Rebekah said...

OOOPS, I'd better return my books. I will soon!