Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Its Coming...The Book Is Coming

I can't believe how long this process has taken, this book-writing-to-publishing process. (It has been four years since Melanie Mock and I had our first conversation about a book idea, a book written by moms and for moms, about something we were passionate about: teaching our children the values of social justice and peacemaking.) I have learned so much from how to write a proposal and shop the book around, to putting out a call for submissions, to editing, to arranging chapters and topics, etc. And I've loved all of it.

I really liked the editing process the best. I secretly love editing. I guess I should have gone into the profession, but maybe then I wouldn't like it as much. But editing is when writing gets good, refined, and beautiful. This is what I love best.

I loved editing with Melanie, my co-editor. I loved how we complimented each other. So far, we are still on time with all our deadlines. Making some glorious day in April our release date! We get one last chance to look our manuscript over and then we need to get it back to Barclay Press by the beginning of March. I'm excited to get my hands on it one more time. We sent it off to them in October and it is like we sent our youngest child off to college...it has been out of our hands; we have had to trust the professionals, the experts. (Pst, I do trust them.)

I'd love to tell you the title of the book, but that is top secret. However, I would like to offer one of my reader/bloggers a chance at a sneak peak to our anthology.

If you'd like to read a first copy and write a review on your blog please make a comment to this post and follow the directions below:

1. Tell me why your blog would be a perfect place to create buzz about our book. I want to know how your readers are different from mine. I want to know how many readers you get daily? How many followers you have, and how many blogs regularly refer to you and your posts.

2. Leave me the link to your blog so I can come check you out!

3. If I pick you to receive a complementary first copy, then you will need to share a brief post about this opportunity with links back to my blog posts about our book project. Then I will make sure you get your copy! Happy reading and happy writing.

I'm so excited to reveal more to you, my readers! I can't wait to share the title. I can't wait to share the cover design. I can't wait to share who the contributing authors are! We have an excellent group of writers in our anthology with great stories to share. You are going to love them.


Jen Rouse said...

I can't wait to see the cover design too! I'm really looking forward to all this!

Richele said...

First...thanks for stopping by Christian Graces.

Second...my dear friend and I are writing a book as well. :) I hope you are very successful! It sounds like a lovely book. I'd love to review it on http://www.underthegoldenappletree.com. :)

Rebekah said...

Richele, what is your book about? Who is your publisher? I'd love to hear more. Do tell. I'll let this post run a bit and then perhaps you will get to review the book first!

heather said...

Very exciting!

Rebekah said...

I've gotten some more interested bloggers, but they've chosen to respond personally. Bummer, but that's OK.

I can't wait to get my hands on the latest copy. My co-editor says the layout is fabulous!

Hurry mail, hurry!

Jessica said...

Super exciting! (And by the way, you're my editing superhero, you do know that?) ;)