Monday, February 6, 2012

Loving the New Toys!

I really am. I love the new toys my son got for his 3rd birthday! And I'm starting to think my evil plan of having a February baby is the past I have hated February, this is when winter is getting a bit old for me and I wanted something to spice it up. And his birthday seems to be working: plan a party, have friends over, get some new toys to spice up the playtime etc. Also, I am getting better at spotting and suggesting new toys for birthdays. (It only took me three sons to get this down.)

My first happy toy is something called Constructables. A friend spotted this find because she knew how much A likes taking apart and putting things together. This toys is designed just for this. Maybe now he'll stop taking knobs off dressers? Probably not. But he can use these parts to build planes and cars and helicopters.

My second happy toy is a classic box of music and rhythm toys. Not sure why it took me more than seven years of parenting to finally buy this.

My third happy toy is a Stomp Rocket. I think the pictures are convincing enough.

My fourth happy toy is a Water Works Construction Set. All of my boys have loved this and it has cut down on the splashing in the bathtub. You can redesign the water flow system so it helps fuel problem solving and creativity. Remember, the best toys are 90% kid and 10% toy. (No judgement please on the tub. We have a lot of iron in our water.)

He got some other great things: Bigsby Books, Beyblades (Yes, and even girls like these.), backpack...we did good. If you have a little three-year-old boy to buy for you can't go wrong with any of these suggestions and they are all, happily, under 20 dollars.

Oh, and the interactive Thomas the Train card from Grammy was well loved.


Anonymous said...

The water Toy looks so cool.

Rebekah said...

I was actually wondering if your son, Laura, would like that. That and the stomp rocket?

Stonebergs said...
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Stonebergs said...

Whoops....anyway like I was saying love the toy ideas since Andrew is a year behind it gives me a leg up for his next birthday..thanks!

Jen Rouse said...

Yay, glad the constructables are a hit! Also, that waterworks toy looks like something my kids would love in the bathtub too.