Thursday, December 31, 2009

Y2K, Remember?

Happy New Year! My husband and I were driving home from our adventure up North when I pointed out that it had been a decade sine Y2K. He gasped, OK so probably not a gasp because that seems a bit feminine, but he seemed a little struck.

Yep, ten years. Our reaction was the same, "That went fast." Time does that you know....goes fast.

Then I laughed, "Y2K, wow," anyone see the humor in it now? We were secretly hoping it would all come true and remarkably all our student loans would disappear. We had nothing to lose except out debt. We lived in a crappy apartment with few worldly possessions and no account of worth to be nervous about. We didn't even bother storing up one liter of water. When the clock struck midnight and nothing happened we laughed and cheered. Bummer about the student debt, but ten years later we are now debt free, but not because of a computer glitch.

And tonight we are celebrating the New Year with the same couple we were with those ten years ago. Only this time neither of us will stay up until midnight as we are now parents of children under the age of four.

Happy New Year faithful readers.

(Pst, I had some great comments from some of you in regards to my last post, so if you didn't get a chance to comment, please do. Or at least see what others said was their favorite from this past year.)


Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

So much has changed in a decade but looking back, it has been really fast.

Happy New Year!

Laura said...

Now that our kids are in a new stage we're having some friends over to eat and play games and I'm pretty sure we're staying up till midnight! Time is bitter sweet. It's nice to enjoy the good things each stage of our lives brings.

Lindsey said...

Happy New Year!