Monday, December 28, 2009

Top Ten Posts of 2009

I love the Year-in-Review that various networks and magazines run this time of year. I'm big on nostalgia. So, I decided to post my top ten blog posts: these are some of my favorite, not necessarily the posts that received the most comments...the ones that I liked.

I'm curious, do you have a favorite from my blog? Are any of the ones listed below memorable to you? I'd love to know.

Pathetic Tree-December
God-Sighting 5,792 and Counting-November
Photo Shoot From...-October
Clouds of Smoke-August
A Known Place-August
Of This I Have No Doubt-July
Top Ten Glacier Happenings-July
Homeschooling Conclusion: Choice-July (This whole series started really good conversation for people both on and off the blog. A few people even changed their minds on homeschooling vs. traditional schooling. Not just because of my blog, but I think it was part of a bigger conversation. It is always good to evaluate your choices and beliefs.)
Seasonal Living-June
Dutch Brothers: Oh So Cool-June

If you are curious about why I chose these, ask me. I'd love to let you know.

I hope you take time to reflect over this past year and to look with hope into the next. Thank you for all your comments over this past year and for taking time to read my thoughts. It is a huge compliment and encouragement to me as someone who enjoys writing.


Marcie said...

The blog entry that came to my mind first (before looking at your list) was the one about your grandfather. Then I saw it on your list "God-Sighting 5,792 and Counting". My other favorite from your list is "Of This I Have No Doubt". :) Thanks Rebekah! It's been a good year of writing, that's for sure!

JoeyRes said...

I enjoy your "God-Sighting" posts.

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

I like this idea a lot!

Laura said...

My Favorite is the one about me & my son. Not because I think I'm a great person but because it's very theraputic for me to read when reflecting on the way our lives are. It helps bring peace to read it. I've read it several times. Thanks for the therepy! We go about our "normal lives" doing things that are 2nd nature to us, punching in our code locks. We get use to it, until someone comes over and says, "wow". I praise God for the great year we're having. My son is doing great (for him). He hasn't been this happy and content in years!

Rebekah said...

Laura, I appreciate your comments. Yes, we do go on as usual when things aren't so good or perfect. True observation.

Thanks for the feedback? Anyone else? We've been up in the wilds of Idaho and I just got home and had a chance to check the comments.

jeremyandang said...

I somehow missed this post...

I really liked your homeschool posts because it was finally nice to hear from someone who had an opinion about public education. So many people i know are doing homeschool, and while I absolutely feel homeschool is right for some...i also feel its become a giant trend within the Christian community...much like the quiverfull movement.

But probably my favorite was about Laura. I didn't know her son had Autism. As I read the beautiful words you wrote my eyes got watery. My one and only sister has Bi Polar and sometimes it feels like I am alone...but then I read things and realize there are people I know who have struggles and challenges like I do and it definitely puts things in perspective.

Rebekah said...

Wow Angie, that was good to read. I'm going to tell Laura to read your comment.

Hans Schneiter said...

The entry about the cabin sums up how I feel exactly... so much so that I'm sending it to my dad so that he doesn't sell his stake in the cabin!