Friday, December 18, 2009

Mentos and Coke

The package arrived from CSN stores, and I was as giddy as my kids. Luckily I made it a Christmas present! I was lazy though and didn't even wrap it. I let the brown box be good enough. My kids have 12 gifts (some are shared) under the tree. We open one a day until we leave for our trip to see the Grandparents.

I arranged for this gift to be opened on a Saturday when my husband could use it as a time-killing project. It worked.

They loved it. My oldest said, "This is the best Christmas present ever!"

The science kit came with a fake volcano they could paint before trying out various explosions. The bummer was that all the paint was dried up. That was sad. They would have loved that part and were eager to paint, paint brushes in hand. I loved that the kit came with goggles, test tubes, a test tube holder, and measuring cups. This made it seem more legit.

The kit also came with a book giving instructions on how to make three different types of volcanic eruptions.

The scientist in my husband came out, and he started wanting bigger and better. After this day of science fun I had to replenish my stock of baking soda and vinegar. Oh, and he insisted I go to the store and by Mentos and a coke! The best explosion of all. Warning: do this outside and keep kids a distance away.

I should have realized my husband knew how to make explosions without the instructions, but the kit served its purpose as a catalyst for more volcano fun.

Next time I think I'd rather get a kit with hubby's input, so he could find one that he wouldn't be able to replicate on his own. I thought the pricing was right. ($14.00) My only complaint was the dried out paint.

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