Monday, January 10, 2011

Costco Consumption

Two years ago I wrote an article about my disdain of Costco, and now it makes my monthly list of fun things to visit. Much has changed in my life since I had that initial opinion: bigger family, living further away from stores, now live in a house with an actual pantry etc.

But I'm still trying to figure out what is really a good deal there. Seems like I'll be wowed into a purchase and then the very next week Safeway will run an excellent add for that same item at a way cheaper price.

On this last trip to the wholesale giant I bought:
*chicken the boxes vs. cans for multiple use
*toliet paper....think not such a great deal, but love getting all I need at once
*ziplock bags....I really should try and use less of these
*bread...not a good deal
*milk....Safeway had a special for 1.49 a gallon and Costco was 2 dollars a gallon
*chicken breasts.....don't even remember the price
*chips....the problem here is that the more we have the more we eat
*Silk Milk...I think this is an excellent deal. My youngest can't drink cow's milk and this comes in a three pack that is a steal of a deal compared to grocery prices.

I guess the question for you is what do you buy that you feel is a good Costco deal, and should I be adding it to my list?


Heather said...

Costco is my friend and enemy at the same time. I buy cheese, crackers, oatmeal, beans, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, and batteries.

Jennifer said...

We buy pancake mix, syrup, peanut butter, snacks for the boys, batteries, detergent, toaster pastries, and the chewable kids' vitamins. I always go in with a list but come out with at least $100 more than for what I had planned. Sometimes they have good books at good prices too.

Sally said...

Kids Vitamins (Omega 3's & Gummy Multi's)
Chicken Breasts
Organic Ground Beef
Chicken Nuggets
Peanut Butter
Photo Paper
String Cheese
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels

Heidi C said...

I am probably one of the few people left who still does not own a costco card. I can't do it yet. I will go with my sister or mom every once in awhile. The things I think are a good deal are coffee, chicken broth, olive oil, and I buy wipes there only because I like them better than Target. I think if I got a card I would be buying more than I need, plus with the extra yearly dues for the card. What can i say...I am cheap!

Rebekah said...

I should add Nutella! It is an excellent deal for two! Heidi, I was always too cheap to do the dues, but I get a free card via my mom since we are at the same address! Win, win!

Jeremy and Ang said...

I rely on Costco for a variety of things, not least of all there giant half gallon of half and half for a mere 2.39. Considering our coffee consumption I usually buy one each week. Its a good thing Costco is 2 miles from my house eh! As for the rest of my list. I too buy the organic chicken broth, a massive savings over Whole Foods. I only wish they had beef broth also. I buy the organic greens for salad (a little cheaper but seem to stay fresher longer), and the tomatoes on the vine (about a 2 dollar savings). Toilet paper (giant pack convenience), Coffee beans since we have a fresh roasted coffee section in our Costco (pretty good and 2.5 lbs for 10 dollars). I buy bags of shredded mexican cheese mix (way better deal and pretty much use it on everything that requires cheese. Coconut milk... same price as Uwajimaya but way closer. I love the "homemade" bag of noodles. Odwalla gallons of orange juice are a good deal...fletcher's thick cut bacon. Organic Peanut Butter (cheaper than whole foods). Mushrooms. i have started buying produce less and less aside from the few things mentioned. I think their produce goes bad faster than Whole Foods. Steel cut oats when they have them... I would say this is my list of "saving" items.

Oh..and lots of cooking sauces are much better. I buy the thai sweet spicy sauce, the teriyaki sauce, barbeque sauce, a-1, orange sauce... most of those are much cheaper and have long fridge lives.

heather said...

Costco is a good deal to me because of the double seater carts and the samples. My kids love Costco! And I actually only use one of the cart seats now, but there was a season when being able to but two kids in the cart and still have room for groceries was HUGE.

My kids are getting older and they are able to handle more, but for years 3 stores was our limit and we live away from town. Costco just worked because I could get so much there. 1 stop, my kids get snacks and we leave happy with groceries. Love that! Plus even though their food may not be the cheapest, they typically have high quality and large quantities. I guess I am willing to pay a bit more for convenience. Plus, I am not a coupon or ad shopper. I have tried that, but, for me, it just works to go into town about twice a month and get what I need.

Jen Rouse said...

I feel the same way--I don't feel like CostCo really has better prices than other stores (especially WinCo) but as Heather said, the convenience of the big cart and the samples is nice.

For diapers and wipes, the Kirkland brand is my favorite. Now that I am pretty much past that, I am not going to CostCo very much.

I tend to be a big generic brand shopper and I find that their Kirkland brand I am usually pleased with, but I don't have anything there that I buy on a consistent, monthly basis.

I LOVE their prices on photo prints. Even really big sizes are so reasonable.

atteoj said...

Costco has the BEST parmesan cheese, hands down. And their cheese prices in general are fantastic, with really high quality. Also, frozen seafood is really well-priced AND good-tasting. I love the bags of cod. Lastly, as long as you actually eat it all, the produce is a great deal and very high quality. I recommend a bag of the baby bell peppers...the price is phenomenal, and they're so sweet after being roasted in the oven with some olive oil and salt.

Genny said...

If I had to pay for a memebership, I wouldn't go. When I do get buy stuff there is it items I can't get else where. A box of fruit leathers and a giant box of Tree Top fruit snacks. Loved the diapers and wipes there, but like Jen, don't have to worry about those anymore. On rare occations my list includes Noah's Bagels, their cakes and pies, and the chocolate truffles. I think they have better deals on their non-food items.