Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Homeschooling Conclusion: Choice

Ultimately I am glad we have choice, freedom. I am glad each parent is given the right to parent and evaluate and assess. One form does not fit each child in this country. I would never want the homeschooling option to not be an option.

But I also wanted a chance to process and explain my inclination to not chose this for now for my kids.

My oldest starts formal preschool next year. We've been doing "homeschool" preschool this last year, but have decided to send him next year to a local preschool. I thought I'd never do this. I was SO against preschool and saw it as unnecessary. I still sort of do, but Kindergarten is going to be full day, and I felt it would be almost mean to go from no structured classroom experience to full day. We visited, and he loved it. He's so excited. I'm glad. He looked at the cubbies for the students and after reading each name said, "Where is my name?" I explained that he wouldn't get one until I signed him up for the class. His response, "Well, sign me up then!" That makes me more excited and happy for him. So see, I do change my mind. I did about preschool, maybe I will about this public school option.

My mom's been reading these posts and dialoging with me about my desire to go the public school route. She handed me a devotion she read a few mornings ago. Here is the line that supports my beliefs and decision, "Every study confirms that you, the parent, have the greatest influence----greater than friends, school, or media----in determining the character and direction of your child."

I'm glad that is true.


Laura said...

I am glad parents have a choice. They should always have a choice. I think we should respect other parent's choices to home school or not. Each family is different. Know your limits. I think there are a lot of parents who do a great job home schooling and some do not. I think there are good parents who send their children to school by getting involved, knowing who their kids are friends with, helping with homework, etc. There are also bad parents who send their kids to school and don't have any idea what is going on and don't really care too much about their kids. So I think a good home life and faith is the key to a successful family. Schooling (where ever it takes place) is secondary.

Ashlee said...

Hey Rebekah! I just had a chance to sit down and read your homeschooling posts. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on public school vs. home school. It was also encouraging to hear that you feel comfortable changing your mind. We, too, changed our minds on pre-school and are sending Gabe this year. I love that we have the ability to do what is best for our kids, even if it means eating our words:)

heather said...

Yes, as studies show parents are key! I found that to be true when I was working in the local public school-before I was home with my kids. The kids who were the most successful had families that were super close and supportive. And I saw that to be true at the Christian school I attended. And I have seen that the most successful homeschoolers come from families where there are warm, loving relationships. It is key for families to allow freedom for their children are allowed to grow into the individuals God designed for them to be, now matter how they educate them. Any decision motivated by fear is to be suspect.

Rebekah said...

Ashlee, we are sending Bren to preschool too, and remember, we were not going to do that either. :)

Agree Heather! Agree!