Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The News Keeps Spreading...Oprah?

So the idea of getting to sit on Oprah's couch is probably not too realistic, but I am happy about the buzz so far generated about Just Moms. Elizabeth Esther gave us a great review, we've got some people of note working on future reviews, and blogs are spreading around the news!

My books came in the mail on Saturday. On my shelf sits seven pristine copies. One has my signature and a message to my husband, at his insistence. The others are waiting to take to future book readings and events for readers to purchase. My husband has yet to read my book. He's read bits of it, but I think I'm most excited to hear his opinion on it as a whole. Maybe actually more excited than even the most notable of noteworthy critiques. I've always valued my husband opinion highly and look to him for honest critique and encouragement.

The other day after library story time at my local library the librarian asked me to sign a copy of Just Moms. I got all nervous. I've never given out my signature. How should I do it? I included the D in the middle, like I always do, but at the last minute I put the Schneiter below my first name...which my sister said she wouldn't have done. See how much I over think even the little things? Next time I'll keep my name all on the same line.

This Friday I'm meeting Melanie, my co-editor/writer, and we are planning for our first book reading and our Facebook page!

I'm really glad that it is not over. I have loved the work I've spent on this project over the last three year, yep...three years, and I would hate to see it be all over once the book went to print. I have loved working with Melanie and am glad we did it together. We really were the perfect compliment for each other. I never knew she'd be the perfect writing fit for me on this project...but she really was.

And just like Melanie was the perfect fit as a co-editor, each of our writers and their stories fit perfectly to create a whole story...a whole way of parenting and looking at the world.

Nancy Thomas is one of our writer who helped compliment the message of our book. She does a great job describing some of the essays in the book and her own.

Another one of our writer's worth reading more about is Jan Pierce.

Pst, I thought you'd all like to see what books I place on my top shelf? My top shelf is where I put my favorites, just the best of the best....many of the book listed to the right of my blog. But since I am no longer a young reader, my top shelf is turning in to two top shelves, you'll notice Just Moms is on the 2nd shelf along with some other great reads like Wild Swans.


Anonymous said...

The two reviews you linked us to were great. It makes me more excited to read the book. If I ever get my copy. We've been having trouble with the mailmen not delivering our mail here so I hope that's not the case with this book.

Lathavijayakumar said...


Thanks for sharing

Rebekah said...

Oh great! I'm sure those author's will appreciate your kind words!