Friday, March 25, 2011

A Positive Review

We approached Elizabeth Esther about reading an advanced copy of our book, Just Moms, and doing a review on her blog. She writes a column for the Orange Country Register, has written numerous freelance articles, has a large blog following, and has even had her say on Fox News. All this to say, she is someone of note, and if she gave us a positive review....well, this could be a very good thing!

Of course, she made it very clear that we were taking a risk because she never promises positive reviews. We did a little more research, reading her blog, and decided to take the plunge and send her a copy.

Today was the day she promised to post. I woke up excited and nervous. It was like the morning after a final audition...checking the posted paper sheet outside the auditorium to see if your name was on the list, on the list and next to the part you really wanted. And I am still experiencing that feeling of giddy high since she gave us a great review! High compliments.

The most humbling comment she made about our book and the contributing writers was, "I couldn’t help but admire these beautiful women for their passionate gentleness, profound kindness and deep self-awareness. These are the kind of mothers who are being the change they want to see in our world."

I hope you go visit her site and give her review a complete read.


Richele said...

Congratulations! That is wonderful! I hope your book sells a million copies. :)

Jessica said...

So exciting! AND I loved her blog. Really got caught up in reading it, so thanks! :) I really like her and I'm glad she really likes your book!