Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Virus

I knew I was taunting the virus spirits, and I knew they'd take me down, but I went ahead and bragged about how healthy we'd all been this last year....chalking it up to our strong immune systems since we survived the swine flu last year.

The Virus was mean. It came for my son's 6th birthday. He was out. He got a little sick on Thursday night, but then rebounded...or just faked it for his party on Saturday. Maybe the Virus did that on purpose so he could infect other kids and other families...which he did.

It completely knocked him out on Sunday night until the following Sunday morning. On his actually birthday, he pushed himself to wake up for the grandparents and even changed in to some "handsome" clothes to open a few presents. (PJ's 24/7) Then it was back to the couch and the confusion of the fever.

I really am not a fan of fevers. They make me nervous.

My husband fought it off for a day and the other two boys had a night and day of the Virus. But my oldest suffered the most. He is finally back to school, but still a bit weak. He crashes at the end of each day and goes to bed with little persuasion. He's out in minutes.

The time change hasn't helped.

Next time I'm feeling invincible, I'll keep my mouth shut. (Like right now....I seem to be the only one who wasn't taken down....)


Heather said...

K has been missing him at school, I am so glad you are all feeling better.

Marilee said...

Oh man I hear you about the keeping your mouth shut when feeling confident. The other day I said to my husband,"Wow, Lina really is a really easy 2-year-old, isn't she?" Ooops. Certainly been paid back for that comment in the last couple weeks.
Hope you won't be repaid for that last sentence. :) You deserve to stay healthy!

Jessica said...

Poor guy. :( I'm with you on the fevers - they're scary to me. Probably because my littlest brother and I both had fever spasms as small kids. Beyond the spasm fears, I still dislike the delirium and the hot little foreheads... I'm so glad you guys are coming out of it! Stay healthy!