Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Joy of Social Networking: Book Release

Yesterday was a crazy day for me. Totally exciting! Wow, it would not have been nearly as exciting without all the FB congrats and blog reactions. So, now I am thinking that if I had been published before all this social networking, a release could have been a very quiet

If you missed yesterday's excitement, the book I've been working on since 2008 is now available to order and will be released on April 4th!

Two of our contributing author's wrote initial blog reactions, and I loved the raw excitment present in each one of them.

Marilee Jolin got an extra surprise and found that her essay was featured on Barclay Press' site as a sample from the anthology. And even though I've read her essay zillions of times, she hadn't read it since the last time she submitted it for final acceptance by Melanie and me. Reading something you wrote, after time has passed, is a strange experience. Especially when their piece is reflective and so much has change in the writer both on the inside and out. Marilee does a good job describing that, and reading her words would be worth your time.

The other writer, Jen Rouse, is a published writer in newspapers and periodicals. She is a very talented writer, but this is her first book to be in! I love her blog post about this big moment in any writer's life.


Jessica said...

(clapping hands and squealing with joy) :)

I'm excited. Congrats again, Rebekah!

Kim said...

Congratulations Rebekah!!! So exciting!!!! Can't wait to read it! Maybe it could be one of our book club books and you could come be a guest author.... :) Kinda like Boomerang, but not. Miss you friend!

Rebekah said...

Well, I hope it is kinda not like the Boomerang experience, but if you'd like I can try to make everyone feel slimy and uncomfortable! :) Ha! I actually am doing two other book group reads, so put me on the list!

Melanie could come too!