Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shameless Promotion

Melanie and I created a Facebook page for our book, Just Moms. We were like two high school girls gushing over a crush, giddy with excitement. It was great to meet with her and see her in person. We've been in the book endeavor for almost three years now, and it was great to be with someone who understands the sense of accomplishment at seeing this book get into the hands of readers.

So, now we wonder how bold to be with our promotion and our new page. We plan to use this FB page to let readers know about events and readings, post pictures from events, and show pictures of various contributing authors. But the main goal to have a conversations with our readers. We hope to post questions and get responses. We hope to list helpful resources that support the parenting values we are pursuing as mothers.

We want this site to further the sense of community that is already present in the publication of Just Moms.

Check it out, and click "like." We shamelessly check the site multiple times a day to see how many fans we have.

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