Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh, What a Busy Day

A must-own-book is the really thick, big, Richard Scarry collection. It provides hours of story telling and picture flipping. It is interactive and timeless. I still get a warm fuzzy when I see Papa Rabbit tuck in his little baby rabbits.

I found another book that could be placed in the same category. I didn't realize this and began to read it from beginning to end---not to be done with this book, I got a bit sleepy.

But, the pictures, rhymes, and concepts penned by Gyo Fujikawa are art. I would recommend checking this book out, Oh, What a Busy Day.

Most of you already know about Fujikawa, but she was one of the first illustrators to include children of a variety of races. She died at age 90, in 1998. Here is the New York Times obituary. An interesting person, someone to know about.

I just made the connection that she wrote and illustrated Baby Animals, which is a Golden Book Classic.


heather said...

I had the Baby Animals book when I was little. My kids read the same copy when they are at my parent's house.

Diana (Ladybug Limited) said...

Love, love, love Oh, What a Busy Day -- I still have my copy given to me on my 5th Christmas and Bug still asks me to read it to her :)