Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where Art The Sun?

Where Art The Sun?

Did I really just turn up the heat? In June?
Oh this is not right.
I've tried to remain positive, ignore the gloomy skies,
But I give up! Its bad. Its depressing.
There is rust in my orchard. I've purchased a second flat of basil.

Will the berries ever ripen?
Will my legs ever need to be shaved again?
I want my annual crop of freckles.
Where the sun?

My boys are still wearing their long sleeves.
They are still playing inside.
We are going crazy, dear Oregon. Crazy!

I've just had a request for a fire.
They say they are cold.

I dream of a timeshare, somewhere hot and sunny.
What color is the sky, beyond the clouds?
I can't remember.

It is like a long marathon,
But we've all passed the finish line
And we just keep running, running

There is promise.
Surely this won't last.
Surely, it'll be nice.
There is hope for Saturday.

Come quickly Lord Sun,
Or I might just give in and start


Diana (Ladybug Limited) said...

Amen! To all of it!

Jessica said...

I hear ya! So want strawberries!

Rebekah said...

It came!

Janna said...

Well said! And yay! The strawberries are here!

Laura said...

We are pretending it's nice and hot. 2 of my kids went in the pool anyway today in 70 degree weather. Just mostly floated on floaty things not hot enough for full out swimming. And then they got out because it started to sprinkle. We're pretending it's summer. I'm actually hoping for some 80 degree temps. That would be nice for about a week.