Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Not That Tune Again!

Sometimes I think I might die if I have to listen to any more songs about elephants and their trunks, or about ducks hatching from classroom incubators. Sometimes I wish I owned an iPod so I could plug myself away from my children’s favorite travel music. I remember being grateful when they loved Paul Simon, but if I have to listen to “diamonds in the soles of her shoes,” one more time I think I might throw my shoes, or myself, out of the moving mini-van. American Girls by Counting Crows is a bit of a breather for me, and for that minor obsession of my oldest I am grateful. I have to agree that it really does have, “Good bass.” But still, I wouldn’t mind listening to the rest of the songs on the CD, all the songs after “American Girls” versus “American Girls” over and over again.. But the three rockers riding behind me have promised to start a riotous mosh pit if I deviate from their music preferences. I believe them.

My husband looked at me on our way home from church and said, “Why don’t they make it so that you can play two different listening selections at once, one for the back and one for the front?” And? I agreed. We miss our Sunday afternoons with Prairie Home Companion. Steve from the Marvelous Day soundtrack isn’t the same as clever ads for catsup.

It could be worse, probably will be. In about eight years I’ll be wishing for these days of sweet Jesus songs when my teenage boys are listening to dark, depressing rants against authority figures or whatever it is they like in their independent, searching-for-self-years. The major difference will be that the boys will probably each own their own personal listening devises, and I will be the one left out. At least now we are all listening together. I’m included, not excluded.

I won’t know all the annoying lyrics to their favorites or know which songs have the best bass unless I force myself into their worlds and subject myself to genres I would never personally enjoy. I remember spending way too much birthday money on a rap CD that I didn’t really like, but thought I should because everyone else my age liked this particular group. I remember my mom not exactly enjoying the bad Christian rap, but I pretended I thought it was brilliant even though deep down I agreed that it was annoying. She allowed us all to be tortured and we listened to the whole thing, her showing her skills at tolerance and me showing my skills at acting.

I supposed that if I could feign interest at 13, I can probably find a way to endure future music choices. I really hope rap is not one of them, or hip hop, or heavy metal. Do you think there is any chance they’ll like folk music? I like folk music. I’m good with Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline. Didn’t Johnny Cash’s last CD do phenomenally well, you know, the one that came out after he died? Wasn’t that because a bunch of teenagers discovered just how cool he really was? Or maybe my boys will discover the grunge music their father listened to? I like that stuff. It’s sort of nostalgic for me now.

Which is probably how I’ll feel about our current music of choice, there will come a day when I’ll miss the innocence and awe of this current musical season. Since being in this mothering thing five years now, I’m learning that all things pass, and when they’re gone there is no going back.


Sally said...

Great post Rebekah. And so true... I worry about those teenage years... and try to enjoy the little things right now.

Heather said...

That is the one thing that I don't let the boys dictate, the radio/music. Although they aren't always thrilled. As for the teenage years I am trying to not to worry about it. So far my standards are as long as they don't pierce anything, or go goth it will be okay.

Jeremy and Ang said... are funny! You ought to get an Ipod and download everything into it then just select random, plug it into your car, and wa la! . You could download The Beatles...=)

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

So far my daughter is 5 and likes what I like. It's a blissful time. I had a carload of 10 year olds this summer that listed to Lady Gaga and things that made my eyes feel like they were crossing. California girls? Really?

I think I'll be a great stereotypical parent one day. I'll ask about that "garbage" she calls music and just be generally closed off to any new sounds. I plan to embrace that stage as a parent, making grumpy fun.

Megan said...

So, I believe that there is a way to avoid the future music listening issue. Collin, who I have dated for a year and a half, does NOT follow the suit with all of the other people our age because when he was younger, his parents had him listen to the Grateful Dead, Neil Young, etc., and he loves them all. He is NOT into the newer music, rap, pop, etc. So, listen to what you want to listen to at some point. Sing along with it and they too might see the beauty in it. The only things that will impede this idea are: 1) Public schooling, and 2) Television. Collin didn't grow up with television and was not influenced in that way. When he went to school he knew the difference between good music, music that had premise and more than three chords, and bad music, music made for the masses to make money and made completely by a synthesizer and with very little chords.
Thus, there is hope.

Megan said...

I should mention that he has a great relationship with this parents, and they really get along like friends and can spend time together listening to the same music.