Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This is it! June 1st! All you writers! Did you do it? Did you write? Did you submit? Do you love it? Are you excited? Are you waiting to hear? Did you say a little prayer? Did you jump up and down five times before attaching your documents to story.submit@gmail.com? Is there garlic around your neck? OK, so these might be the types of things I do when I send off a submission and not your common practices....but send them in! Don't forget. Melanie and I are getting very excited by what we've been reading so far.

June 1st has been etched in my mind since we signed our contract with Barclay. Melanie! We should be celebrating, popping open a bottle of bubbly!

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Rebekah said...

And they are still coming. It is so fun to check the gmail account and see more and more good stories come our way! Hey, keep them coming! You have until the end of today.