Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Love This Bear


We are all loving our dear friend Bear. We are in the lair with his good friends Mole, Wren, Badger, and Hare. Really, my boys and I are getting quite attached. Then when I discovered that the author of these books, Karma Wilson, is from Montana I knew why she had captured these mountain creatures so well. She must see them outside her kitchen window on a regular basis.

This winter I recommended Bear Stays Up. It is a Christmas book that I like reading any time of the year. The cuddly nature of Bear and his blue quilt gets me feeling cozy and ready for a cup of cider...even in August.

Then I discovered Bear Wants More!

It is the perfect spring read and puts a friendly spin on a hungry spring bear. If you missed my Friday Photo featuring a hungry bear close to our family's cabin you must take a peek. I wouldn't want to discover any of these fellows on a spring hike. (My middle son told me that once our youngest wakes up from hibernating, then he'll be old enough to play with.)

This last week was the buy-one-get-one-free Scholastic book fair at the local grade school. I was happy to buy Too Many Toys by David Shannon and get Bear Feels Scared for free. Or was it the other way around?

All this to say, check them out or buy them. Serious! Or if you want to buy me the ones I don't already own...send them my way! (Currently I only own Bear Feels Scared and Bear Stays Up.)


Jessica and Jason said...

We LOVED Bear Stays Up! I'm confident the other Bear books will be just as popular in our house. :)

Heidi C said...

I LOVE these books - we just got another one at a garage sale - Bear Snores On. So cute. Also, if you like Karma Wilson, check out Goodnight, Sleepyhead. It is the sweetest bedtime book it makes me tear up almost every time I read it.

Heidi C said...

PS I'm going to get the Christmas one now that you mention it...