Friday, July 2, 2010

A Successful Adoption-Friday Photos July 2nd

Oh the anticipation! Our mama hen has been wanting baby chicks for weeks now. I had great empathy for her. She was like Sarah of the Bible, just wanting a baby so bad. She'd sit all day and all night on eggs, but no chicks would ever come; we do not have a rooster.

Lucky for us and lucky for our hen, a friend placed an order for 25 chicks, and let us have two of them.

Both have been named: Squeak and Favorite Lightning Squeak---after the chicken Grandpa so ruthlessly butchered.

My middle son announced that his, "Has a hair dude." Guess the feathers on the top of the chick's head stand up a bit.

We were told to wait until the dark of night to slip the babies under the fluffy mama's wings, but none of us could wait, so we did it around 6 pm. It took. She clucked and poofed out her feathers and is sitting quite contently on her brood. She hardly lets them out for food. I think she's in hen heaven.

Oscar, the dog, is also very interested. He sits right by their cage dreaming of chicken salad.

Two of the aunts, two of the other hens, went into the hen house to check it all out and made quite a lot of ruckus.

Ah farm life....small things are so exciting.