Monday, June 7, 2010

Writing A Book

So we are in the thick of it! And loving it! Right, Melanie? I am. But, my house is a mess, my pilates is lost somewhere in Netflix land, and my other writing projects are not calling my name. Editing. That is what I do. This anthology project is slowly taking over my life. At night I dream about titles. I'm sure I have the perfect one, but by morning it is either totally cheesy, or I've forgotten the brilliance to a night of slumber.

Plus I have these three little boys who like me. Tomorrow is my oldest son's last day of preschool, party to follow. Swimming lessons start up soon. We are in the middle of t-ball. 11th Anniversary coming up. I've taken on organizing a float for the parade on the 19th of June. All this rain has produced weeds one might find in the Amazon. Work, work, work.

Life is full, and it is good. All this to say, sorry you don't get an exciting and creative post this morning.

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