Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lightning Favorite Squeak

The chickens came. All 25 survived the flight from Indiana. They arrived via US Mail in a little box with wholes. They are so cute. The boys are in love. We visit them several times a day. Oscar, our dog, is also in love... in love with the idea of chicken pot pie. He peeks his head in the windows by propping his front paws against the window frame. Don't worry the windows are glass, not just mere wire. We plan on keeping him and the chickens separate. (He carved our pumpkins the other day, so I know he's in the mood to use this teeth and be creative.)

We got one rare breed; he's the odd, brown one. The rest are yellow, soon to be white since they are White Rocks. No idea what our rare one is. The boys love him though, and he's the only one with a name: Lightning Favorite Squeak.

I got some books on chickens from the library. If you have chickens or are thinking about getting chickens you may want to check them out:

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