Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Very Outnumbered

These photos are my future reality. My husband had 20 plus soccer players to our house for a team bonding experience. (He coaches varsity soccer.) Wow! That was a lot of male teenagers. My boys were in heaven. My oldest informed me later that he had invited all of them to his birthday...which isn't until the spring.

Can you see our second son basking in the glory? He is in the middle of this very stinky room

They came and played capture the flag in the woods, ate a ton of food, and then watched soccer clips in our TV room. Heat permeated from that room a full five strides before entering. They were all very polite and took their shoes off in our washroom. The washroom was very smelly, but I was grateful since we have white carpet in our home.

Boys stink. They are a bit messy. Yet we love them. We, women, seek them out. We dream of them. We hope for them. We marry them. We continue to wonder why their feet stink so bad. We continue to love them anyway.


Laura said...

Wow, is one of the guys sitting on your round end table? Funny.

marilyn said...

Is your oldest not in the picture? Thank goodness for a large, handy washroom.