Sunday, September 20, 2009

Spoon, Hat, and Stick

I found three brilliant, simple books on our last trip to the library.

All three teach a moral or lesson. I think they could all be fables, but only The Clever Stick claims to be.

Spoon is clever and witty. Yes, it is all about a spoon. He wishes he could be like his friends: knife, fork, and chopsticks. He tells his mother how cool his friends are and all they can do, but little does he know that they all think spoon is the greatest! Spoon can do so many fun thing: eat ice cream, stir tea, and be used as a drumstick by children everywhere. It ends with Spoon realizing how many good things are in his life as he "spoons" with his mom and dad in the silverware drawer.

Note: I get giddy to read this one to my kids before bed!

Hat is another book worth reading and discussing with your kids. Hat is found. A boy dreams of all the cool things he could be and do with Hat. Then his mother points out that Hat is not his, and if he takes it then the true owner won't be able to do all those cool things that the little boy imagined doing with Hat. He decides to leave Hat where he found it. This was very appropriate for my oldest who is starting to like to "find" things and then walk off with them. After reading this book he found a car at a friend's house that he particularly liked, but he decided to leave it on their floor because they might miss it when they wanted to play with it again. Hat helped teach this lesson to him.

The Clever Stick!
The images in this book are as captivating as the words. All simple. Stick isn't sure what he's good at. He feels so plain and ordinary. He wants to be good at something. He wants to be special. Then he realizes he can draw. Sick has such joy as he discovers his life calling. What a sweet message for children

I love that these books are personifications. I think young children are always making objects come to life, and so these authors do a good job or relating well to their audiences. Plus, I find personification, done well, very clever and witty.

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