Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Amongst the Crazy

My plate feels very full: weekly newsletter for my son's school, working in my sons' classrooms each week, meetings with various interviewers regarding the book, planning for readings, getting all the pieces put together for my church's retreat, planning a talk at our retreat, writing, blogging, cleaning my house, picking my kids up, arranging play dates, making meals, grocery shopping, visiting my grandma, calling friends, meeting with friends, relating to my children, zumba, getting some quality time in with my husband, a class at our church.....there is always a list m and although I'm marking off to-do's, at this point it feels like once I take off one thing, I just add another.

It is just that season. It is all good, and I'm enjoying it for now, but I also look forward to a few less things to do every week.

How about you? How is your spring going?


Jen Rouse said...

Yeah, I'm right there with you--personal projects, kids, church stuff, friends, husband. Seems like every season I look forward to change, so we'll be less busy--right now I can't wait for summer, when our various extra-curriculars are on hiatus. But in summer we're so busy with weekend getaways and other special events that by the end of it I am longing for school to start so I can get back in my routine. I also convince myself that having the kids in school, instead of around the house all day, will make me less busy. That's false, of course, but I believe it every year! The less-busy season never seems to come, so I think we just need to hang on and enjoy the ride.

Heather said...

I am there too, every time something gets marked off at least one or two things get added. I am looking forward to June when things will slow down.

Jessica said...

Whew! You are a busy girl! Thanks for taking the time to toss up a blog post. I'm feeling pretty busy here, too, with my growing lists of need-to-do's and want-to-do's - but I love being about the business of hearth and home! As long as I can keep the perspective of joy in the busy-ness, I feel like I'm succeeding (even when the to-do list doesn't budge).