Monday, January 24, 2011


1. Have you noticed I took your feedback and haven't done a chidren's book review? I also have been writing a bit on my Friday Photos.

2. Awana's is great! Any doubts or things that made me uncomfortable and faded in comparison to my sons' enthusiasm. My oldest has it marked on his calendar and counts down the weeks until Awana's night. He told me his favorite part is memorizing the verses, what! :0 I thought it'd be the games. I like watching him interact with his friends. They all exude such joy being with each other; it makes me want to be a child again with them. I think it is so good that through Awana's there is integration between school friends and learning about Jesus. I am so grateful to this church and the volunteers who make it happen.

3. A Sign for Jesus? I saw a sign off the freeway. It was simple and just said "Trust Jesus." It wasn't being worn by a child. It was on a post. I didn't find this offensive at all. It wasn't making a political statement. It just stood alone.

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