Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Friend

The other night my son told me that an older boy (2nd grade) had laughed at him when he slipped off the monkey bars. I asked him if that hurt his feelings. He shrugged, "Maybe a little bit, but my friends told him that it wasn't nice to laugh. And I tried again and made it all the way across." I am so happy that my son has a group of friends. Friends give you all the confidence that you need. Sticks, stones, and words don't hurt quite so much when you have a sense of belonging with your peers.

I had this from a very young age, what a blessing. Much of my confidence in myself came from my best friend. We knew each other from before we were born. I think she was supposed to be born a few weeks before me, so the story goes, but she was very late in coming, way over due. Even at age three, when we were supposed to be at a certain dreaded babysitter's house, we escaped out the bedroom window together, walked down the street, and back into her house where our mom's were visiting. I would never have done this without my friend.

I remember my sister asking my mom. in middle school, why she didn't have a best friend. I said a prayer of thanks that I did have one. I understood her desperate desire. I couldn't imagine surviving junior high without mine.

It has been 33 years of friendship now.

When it was my birthday she did a tribute to me and our friendship, and so I'm returning the love. One thing she pointed out was that we need some recent photos. I was sure I had some, and guess what....I don't. I have photos of our kids together. Seems like I've stopped taking pictures of adults. I'll just have to drive down and see her and take a few pictures ASAP.

Does it help that her daughter looks just like she did and my sons favor me quite a bit? Does that count?

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Yay for friends!!!!-Janna