Friday, January 14, 2011

Kate Middleton....I Like Her Too

The media is doing its job well, for newstands have me smiling every time I see Kate Middleton on the cover of a magazine. I am curious enough that I flip quickly through to get to the photo spread dedicated to her and Prince William (before it is my turn to start loading my groceries to be scanned). Of course, I felt a bit twitter patted toward the Prince as a much younger woman, so now there is double the curiosity as I wait in the grocery checkout line.

Have you noticed that the information in these glossy spreads is never enough. I always finish the articles thinking, "That was it? That is what I almost spent money on? That didn't tell me anything new, not really."

I guess that is good. Too many people these days are ready to tell way too much about themselves. (Me included when it comes to blogging.) And maybe that is the real appeal for me, that I really don't know that much about Kate, but that Kate seems nice enough, and that if I got lucky enough to run into Kate we'd have a lovely little conversation. Kate, Kate, Kate.

Anyone else finding themselves a bit smitten with the next English royal?


Mindi said...

I think everyone has a little bit of a love affair with the thought of being royalty, living in a castle, etc. Living in England has given me a big interest in the history behind it all.

Dala said...

I think I could be her best friend if I just could meet her somehow...? That answers your question? Ha ha :-)