Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Creative Gift-God-Sighting 5,763

My son C is a God-sighting. Only God would be able to create such a unique, passionate, emotive, clever, empathetic, observing, and funny little five-year-old boy who is the perfect fit for his family. Yep, God-sighting 5,763.

He was supposed to be born on my b.d., but beat me by two days. He's my favorite birth because he came all on his own, labor started in the early morning hours, and when I got to the hospital he made his grand entrance like four hours later in one very easy push.

Of course, he came out crying and only stopped when he was in my arms. He taught me that babies do come out with personalities and no amount of "Baby-wise" is going to alter that. I didn't sleep for a full year without interruption from his hungry lips and need to snuggle.

When he was two we thought he was stubborn, but soon learned he was extremely sensitive and passionate. Once he was able to communicate, the stubborn disappeared.

He wows me everyday with his ideas and thoughts.

1. "When we go to heaven, I'm going to get new skin and it is going to be brown."
2. "My mind controls me. I have these thoughts and then I do them."
3. "I'm like an exploding volcano. I just can't stop the anger from coming out."
4. "Lucy was prettier than a pink dress with feathers."
5. "Mom, I wish we could get married."
6. When we couldn't find our youngest for a moment one day, "No, I liked the number three, I just liked it!"
7. "Which way is east? Which way is south? Oh,, I'm south."

I could keep going. I love that he loves his friends, that he loves being with people and is social. I love that he draws people to him and that when he smiles, the world smiles around him.

Happy Birthday Number 2 boy!


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet post. I loved looking at those pictures of your boys and how little C and B look in the crib shot. They are so cute! Yes, gotta love those middle boys!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was from Heidi of course!

Jen Rouse said...

Happy birthday to Coen! He is such sweet kid.