Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Am I The Ugly Duckling?

I can't help it, certain classic children's stories make me cry. I always get weepy when I read Are You My Mother, and I can't help but become emotionally invested in any telling of The Ugly Duckling. Is this because we can all relate to the Ugly Duckling? Anyone else get sappy while reading this classic tale?

I found a version of the Ugly Duckling that is just the right length and word choice to hold the attention of my sons ages five and four. It is by Sebastien Braun, who is an illustrator.

What are some children's stories that make you tear up?


Jen Rouse said...

There is this beautiful children's book called "All the Places to Love" by Patricia Maclachlan, about a family who lives on a farm--each one has their own special place on the farm to love. Something about the simple, beautiful way the family's love of each other and of their home is makes me choke up every single time. I could hardly read it when I was pregnant. Stunning pictures too. You should read it--you and your boys would probably relate to sharing and loving the same piece of land through several generations.

Anonymous said...

Lucy's favorite book used to be "The Big Big Sea" by Martin Waddell, which is about a mom and daughter's special night walk on the beach. I would usually make it almost all the way through the book but would for some reason choke up at "We sat by the fire, Mama and me, and ate hot buttered toast..."