Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Anthology Update

Observation: Melanie and I are feeling a sense of community and togetherness as we are reading and editing submissions for our anthology. This is exciting because this is the goal of the book...encouragement.

I feel like I'm creating the best surprise gift ever. You know the kind---you are giddy as you hand the much anticipated present to the receiver, watching their face for the perfect reaction of joy and thankfulness and wonder.

I'm even getting brave and talking about the project to people I know, when it fits naturally into a conversation. This happened this morning when I went to pick up goat's milk for my son. The woman was talking about the Vineyard church. I told her that the guy who started that denomination had actually been a Quaker. (Yicks, correct me if I'm wrong.) Anyway, then she said, "Oh I've always liked Quakers." Yep, then I told her about my book. See, totally natural. She seemed interested to read it, excited to read about other mom's and their mothering journeys with a Quaker/Mennonite value system.

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emily said...

I'm excited for you. What you are doing is so important. By collecting and publishing these snippets of life, you will give hope to other moms/parents who feel called to raise children with thought, faith, and intention.