Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just Not That Good

Usually I tried to only mention the books I find and love, but I just couldn't let this warning pass me by. Plus, I'd love to know if it is just me, and Good-bye Sheepie is really a good book.

The dog is old. The dog dies. The dog is buried. The boy cries. The boy remembers happy days.

The boys were disengaged and so was I. And I love a good dog story: Love that Dog, Old Yeller.....but this one was lacking, and I can't quite put my figure on it. Maybe because my boys weren't connecting with the main character. I think starting from the first page wit the dog being sick and old and then by page three the dog dies doesn't create much empathy between reader and dying.

Love to know if anyone else has read this. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood.

This is nothing against Robert Burleigh's other books, like:

This was a book I came across a while back and would highly recommend.

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