Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shapes That Roll

I'm am so giddy to recommend these next to two library finds.

The first one is Shapes That Roll by Karen Nagel and illustrations by Steve Wilson.

The next time I have to lead a preschool activity I'm going to use this book to introduce how shapes are all around us, and then I'm going to have the kids go on a shape hunt, followed by a shape craft! It is extremely interactive and the illustrator has does an excellent job at almost qualifying this book as a touch and feel. The shapes are glossy and textured and has an amazing bookish smell! I'm serious! It smells distinct. You have to check it out and get back to me on the smell part.

And then I found another great book by Carin Berger called Forever Friends. She is fast becoming one of my favorite author/illustrators. This little book speaks volumes in its simplicity. She is able to conjure up deep emotions in just simple lines and phrases. You'll find yourself quite pleased that the bird returned to his friend, the bunny, after the sad, long winter.

Have fun reading! I'd love to hear which books I've recommended that you've enjoyed and if any of you end up checking out or buying these latest recommendations.

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Diana (Ladybug Limited) said...

Thanks for the recommendations -- Corvallis doesn't have that Carin Berger title, but they have some others. Bug would get a kick out of the shapes book, too.

Our current fav find is The Day-Glo Brothers -- awesome non-fiction!