Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh Spring Break!

Oh Spring Break, how I love you. I need you. I anticipate you. And I need you to be good.

Here is a Top Ten Salute to past Spring Breaks:

-That one week in high school when my sister made me do my track workouts on the beach, and I could literally lean and not fall over. That's how strong the wind was and how ridiculous that workout was. I let her know the whole time...still do.

-A Mexico house building trip in college. The best part was when I went to the local school and played soccer with the kids on recess...the worst was when a fellow worker dropped her hammer on my hurt so bad and she giggled! Arg. Still hurts.

-Going to Victoria with my husband and staying in a 5 Start hotel for only 34 a night....sipping a lot of tea and eating way too many scones. (The creepy part was staying in Thor Town Hostel.)

-Seattle! Got to love the donuts at Pike's Place.

-Working in a homeless shelter in Phoenix, sleeping next to a bullet hole in a window and hearing the search helicopter every night, but really....the amazing women I met and still think about. Those kids....where are they now? They are in their early 20's. I hope they have better lives.

-San Fransisco!

-Players Drama Tour in California! How great is running around Disneyland with some of your best friends?!

-Re-landscaping our backyard and getting stuck in a rock quarry outside of Sisters.

-Visiting the family in Georgia the year after we were married. I loved going and seeing all the significant places and people to my husband.

-This one....because it is our first spring break with all three boys accounted for.

What was your best Spring Break?

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