Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cheese Gun Book Project

It is fun to have a book project, a little dream come true.

I remember sitting on the multi-colored rag rug in our living room and declaring to the typewriter in front of me that I would be the youngest author every published! OK, so that didn't happen.

But this is.....The Cheese Gun. I'm wondering how the writing is going? We are getting submissions in, and it is like opening a Christmas present. I think Melanie and I both get a bit giddy over it. (The deadline is June 1st.)

Some of the submissions are brilliant! They are exactly what we are looking for, some.....well....

If you are working toward submitting, read over the submission guidelines and make sure you are writing what we are hoping to read. If you have questions, send them our way. We are both educators, and are used to the questions. In fact I think we like questions. Questions mean our students are listening.

1 comment: said...

I just clicked by tonight to double check on your deadline...whew...not until June 1. I'm thankful for time. I was fearing I'd missed it.