Saturday, March 31, 2012

Perfect Spring Break

We really ended up having a perfect spring break. (I was pessimistic about this.) It was perfect because we rested and enjoyed each other. It was perfect because I think we chose the right activities and are now ready for school to start up again. I'm ready to get the next 2 and 1/2 months done...summer here we come!

We usually try and go somewhere. When my youngest was born, we did not. My husband is a school teacher so we all get the week off together. But the year A was born we wisely chose to just lay low, or so I thought this was the wise chose. But, spring break in Oregon is often freezing and wet. It was. We were a bit bummed out, and at the end of that Spring Break 2009 we realized that we thrive on a bit of travel during our vacations.

It has been three years since that spring break of no travel, and we found ourselves (this last one) not going anywhere of real significance. However, we had someone we were anticipating and this made all the difference. We counted the days. The boys kept asking how many more, how much longer...does Grammy come tomorrow? And finally she did. Our vacations came to us and it was good. It still rained. It was still freezing. Oregon still did its thing. But we had someone special and so it was good. We had some local outings: went swimming, out to eat, saw The Lorax, and the everyone except A and I went to a Timber's game. My husband worked on a few house projects and our youngest treated us to a trip to the ER. (Legos should not be placed in nostrils.)

Each morning we took our time. We ate well prepared breakfasts and lounged in our pj's, coffee mugs in hands.

My husband game me a hug this morning and said, "You know what, this Spring Break was perfect. I know we didn't go anywhere, but it was exactly what I needed."

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