Monday, March 19, 2012

The Mind of a 5-Year-Old Boy

(My middle son wrote this story on Saturday, enjoy! He dictated it to me.)

Indiana Jones and the Battle War-The End of the History

Chapter 1: The Leader of the Bad guys

The missile ship was calling. The storms interrupted; the ship was about to explode. When the earth was shacking, their planet and baby was exploding and so they put him in a rocket and sent him to the sad desert. Then their planet turned back, black. Then their baby was...Indian Jones.

Chapter 2: When He was Born

On his birthday he was one. When this other kid was born, the other one was evil. And that evil kid was 2. His name was Colossus. So the satellites were breaking. When the ground was shaking-the dinosaurs were attacking.

Chapter 3: The Dead of the Sand Storm

They were building really big pyramids. The pyramids' bricks fell down. And so there was really, really, quick, quick, quicksand. And the volcanoes were about to explode. So the earth was safe, but the sand part was not very safe...DINOSAURS!

Chapter 4: When the Dinosaurs Happened

One of the 1st dinosaurs was the very small raptor, Minoraptor. And the 2nd one was Veloceraptor. The Taranadon was next. The next one with the 3 horns with the Triceratops, the next one was the duckbill dinosaur. Next, Braciosoraurs. And the next, a plant eater, Stegosaurus. Then the T-Rex!

Chapter 5: All the Dinosaurs

When all the dinosaurs were there, one a spaceship crashed on the sand. Then there was another one. The 1st one was Indiana Jones and the 2nd one was Colossus. These 2 kids landed, on a strange, sandy, world. there were some camels.

So, then they started to get new weapons in the sandy land.

Chapter 6: When They Turned

When they found a basket was on 2 robots. One was blue and one was black. So, Indiana Jones went on the blue robot. Colossus went on the redish, blackish robot. Then it took them to 2 tunnels. One said, "Are you a bad baby or a good baby?"

Indiana Jones said, "Good."

Colossus said, "Bad."

Chapter 7: The Mummy of the Death

Indiana Jones went into the blue tunnel, good. And Colossus went into the blackish, red because he was evil. When they found these people who were going to adopt them. So the robots took them to their new leaders, but the bad tunnel did not have a leader because they were the leaders.

So they found their tombs and then their birthday was today.

So, they Egypt Solar System, so the Dead Mummy arrived when the bad baby was born, but they put the bad baby into a machine and turned him into a man.

Indiana Jones got his weapon, his lasso, then they fought to the end of the war.

Chapter 8: Attack of the War:

The start lines were finished. The lights were on and they were battling with their weapons. The bad man head a surprise for Indiana Jones and he let him mummy out. Indiana Jones kicked the mummy with a double split kick. SO that was the end of Colossus.


Jen Rouse said...

Amazing story. I love the chapter titles--did he dictate them too?

Rebekah said...

The titles drove the story. I think that is what excited him the most, writing the titles and yes I only wrote what he said. The boys are really into the Treehouse Mysteries so that is where all this is coming from. B spent most of the day writing his book totally on his own. It had 11 chapters in it. He started at 8 in the morning, took a 2 hour noon break and continued on to finish by 3. His also has illustrations. Of course, I loved all this.

Heather said...

That is a great story. I love all the details.

Anonymous said...

That was great. We loved it! You should post B's story too.

arman said...
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john said...

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