Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm Just Not Done With Summer

Yes, I know, countless moms across the blogging world are posting shots of their little ones going off to school, but not me! I'm just not done with summer. Our summer was so late in coming. We went camping in the middle of July and got rained on, for example. And now the boys are back to school and we are supposed to have a week of 90 degree heat! I just didn't get in enough river swims. So, the picture of B's first day of school will be coming.

But, for now, I am posting pictures that show I'm in school denial:


Heather said...

For as much as I was ready for them to go back today, I feel the same that we didn't get enough summer. So I am postponing putting up my fall decorations for at least a week. I still had so much I wanted to do, and yes we didn't get enough swim time either.

Rebekah said...

As soon as B got home from school he was out in the yard playing in the sprinkler.