Monday, February 7, 2011

Birthday Success-The Best Toys for a Two-Year-Old Boy

It only took me three tries to get it right, to buy developmentally appropriate toys that I won't find myself sneaking into the garbage can at a later date. It probably helped that I didn't shop at Target or Wall-mart, but went to a locally owned toy store. My sister and sister-in-law did their perspective towns, and it was a hit!

So, if you need to buy a gift for a two-year-old boy in the near future I would highly recommend these presents!

I'm sure that his love of this chicken comes from the fact that we have our very own pasture-fed chickens.

Yep, these are crayons. Great for little fingers.


Jen Rouse said...

Love those giant crayons and the zip-up farm thing. And the chicken, of course :)

heather said...

I love that chicken with the chicks!

Jessica said...
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Anonymous said...

Great ideas!