Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Popular Posts

Roughly a month ago I put on a new gadget, "Popular Posts." I and readers found it interesting....some or our favorites didn't make the cut. Sally noted that her favorite post ever was the one I wrote about Dutch Brothers, and I have to agree. I was in a very punchy mood that day and thought it turned out quite well.

I let you all know that I'd be removing that feature and then revisiting it to see if any new popular posts surfaced.

Still, Coffee tops the list. That is funny to me. There must be some browser related to coffee that is sending readers my way. Is that how it works?

But, there are some new ones that are making their way in the blog popularity contest: Conversations , I Finally Have A Hero, and I Did The Unthinkable.

I am a sucker for top tens and end of the year reflections, so in the coming weeks I will have to do a recap for the year and let you all place your vote on your favorite from the list, my list vs. Blogspot.

Hope you are all enjoying the holidays.

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