Monday, September 20, 2010


Miracle! My son is talking to me about school, and I think even more than his peers are to their parents. This is based off of conversations I've had with other moms. The trick is knowing how to work with my son's communication style.

1. Never expect him to tell you anything on the ride home from school.
2. Little bits come out from 4 pm until bedtime.
3. It is best to listen to him talk one-on-one without distractions of toys and brothers. This is best right before he falls asleep.
4. Know what to ask. Never ask, "What did you do at school today?" Rather ask, "Who did you sit with at lunch?" Be specific.

So, here is what I've gathered about his first week of school.

1. He loves his friends and has a group from preschool that he always plays with on recess! I'm feeling very good about my choice to send him to preschool. Social success!
2. They play vampires vs. rabbits. The boys are the vampires attempting to eat the rabbits' bones. (girls) {Why is boys chasing girls a universal, timeless? We (me and my classmates) played cooties, cops and robbers, oh and with my Mennonite neighbors: Anabaptist vs. the Indians. Wow, how inappropriate was that game. The girls were the Anabaptist and the boys were the Indians.}
3. They have to be at school so long because they learn so much.
4. They are learning all their letters and sounds, but it is different that the ABC song I taught them.
5. He loves his teacher.
6. They all counted to 30, but their teacher can count to 100.
7. He is in the yellow table group.
8. They have music and he loves it. They listen to songs and when the songs stop they have to stand like a solider.
9. They have library and he read a book about alligators and next time he's getting the book called Ice Age.
10. In PE they get to play with the scooters. They have four wheels and they are square.
11. Their class is really good, but you can hear the loud 1st graders through the wall.
12. It is not OK to blow other kids' hair.
13. There is one little boy that pokes people and my son and his buddy are super fast and can run away from him.

I thought that was pretty good.


Jennifer said...

Wow! Good for you! I'm impressed that you have gathered so much information from him! It sounds like you have a wonderful preschool!! What a blessing! What fun things are you and the other two kiddos up to while Bren is away at school? I'm trying to find creative "dates" for Noah and I when Aaron is at school and Noah is home.

Jessica and Jason said...

Definite success! I love the way their little minds process and dole out information. Excellent that you've learned how to communicate with him (in specifics) so early on. :) Look out, teen years!

Anonymous said...

How cute.

Jen Rouse said...

Anabaptists vs. the Indians! That's the most hilarious kids' game I've ever heard of.

Rebekah said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that game is not played by a lot of children. It cracks me up now. :)

Janna said...

I'm glad he's enjoying it!