Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Looking for a Summer Read?

I have been rating books beginning in 2005. 10 is the ultimate read, something that sticks with me, causes me to think and rethink. 10's are books that I consider classics and timeless. The themes in these books resonate with me.

Growing up I only read historical fiction, and like to think I've gotten better in exploring genres. However, I do love a true story. I, like my father, love stories that tell of triumph against impossible odds. This means the stories I like are often not happy, and sometimes even end sadly, but in them is always a thread of hope.

Books I do not like are what I consider flicks. Stories that over time, I can't remember characters or plots.

So, if you're looking for a summer read, you may find my list helpful. If you want a specific review, let me know.

Stolen Lives, 9
Jane Eyre, 8
Mere Christianity 8
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, 6
East of Eden, 10
Under the Tuscan Sun, 6
Gap Creek, 9
My Name is Asher Lev, 10
Secret Life with Bees, 6
Don't Let's Go Out To The Dogs Tonight, 8
A River Runs Through It: didn't finish the movie though
Anna Karenina, 10
The Namesake, 6
Sometimes A Great Notion, 9
Blue Like Jazz, 3
Undaunted Courage, 7
Gilead, 7
In Cold Blood, 9
Flyboys, 9
Wild Swans, 10
A Fine Balance, 9
Devil Wears Prada, 4
The Magic Garden, 5
The Glass Castle, 9
Boomerang, 1
Queen's Fool, 7
For One More Day, 4
Women of the Silk, 7.5
My Antonia, 9
The Hawk and the Dove, 5
Suite Francaise, 10
To A God Unknown, 7.5
Mango Season, 4
Kite Runner, 10
Hidden Life of Otto Frank, 6
The House on the Lagoon, 6
Dreams from My Father, 5
The Other Boleyn Sister, 8
Wicked, 2
East of Eden (I read it again.) 10
Three Cups of Tea, 2
Thousand Splendid Suns, 7
Then She Found Me, 6
32 Bunnies and One 3rd Grade Teacher, 9
The Red Tent, 7.5
Adventures of a Half-Time Indian, 9
Flight, 9
Plain Truth, 5
House at Riverton, 5
The Reader, 10


Jennifer said...

Heehee Boomerang! ; )
I have a new read for you if you have a couple of extra spare days. I inhaled it while I'm waiting for the next book club book to arrive... Not our usual favorite fare, but still a nice snack in between good meals. Write me if you want to borrow it....

Anonymous said...

So many of these books bring back good memories!