Monday, November 22, 2010

Maggie's Ball

Maggie's Ball by Lindsay Barrett George is fast becoming my new favorite, mainly because it has captivated the attention of my 20-month-old son and also holds the attention of my older sons, so it is a book we call all read together. Love that!

I've caught my youngest sitting all by himself on our couch reading this fascinating story of a dog who has lost her ball. Where did it go? It has rolled into town. Maggie searches, wonders if it might be the yellow lemon at the grocer, nope. In the end Maggie finds her ball and a friend...a little girl who plays with her in the park.

I'm going to order this for his Christmas present. Each year I buy my sons a book, and this is the perfect one. If you have a child between a year and two-years-old, this is the perfect match for them.

(Also anything by David Shannon is great for this age group, and I recently discovered Babyberry Pie which also has held my young reader's attention.

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