Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fareed Zakaria

Fareed Zakaria is fast becoming one of my new, favorite columnists. Of course, Joel Stein will always win my vote when it comes to wit and humor, but Mr. Zakaria, thank you for joining Time.

I thoroughly enjoyed his article on restoring the American Dream, and his latest thoughts on the 3rd Republican Revolution were excellent. I feel like he puts my rambling thoughts and ideas into one, concise essay.

I remember my grandmother staying up quite late during the 1st Republican Revolution. She stayed up way past her bedtime, biting her nails, and placing all her hope on the new republican congress that would put a stop to the evils of the Clinton Administration.

I've read that my generation doesn't put much faith in politics, that we've never had a politician on a pedestal...has something to do with the exposure of the Nixon Administration etc. But it is true, there has never be a holy, good politician in my memory, nor have I put my trust in one party to save my ideals for the country.

I kept my blog silent on all issues of politics during this last election, but I did have my own personal thoughts on many candidates and issues. But instead of voicing my own, I just thought I'd encourage you to read someone who just happens to be a slightly better writer than I am. :)

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heather said...

Appreciated the link you gave. So sums up some good points!