Monday, April 5, 2010

April Showers Bring Messy Play

Anyone else feel the pain of these rainy days? I am such a better mom in the summer, or I like my job more in the summer. It is so easy. You just open the backdoor and away they go...all day long they play.

These last two weeks have been especially arduous. It is very fitting that I recently checked out a book called Fun With Messy Play. The woman writes about the importance of messy play with special needs children, but she and I both agree that all children need this opportunity. So, with a bit of inspiration and the rains coming is how we survived yet another day indoors.

It only took me three boys to figure out that sticking items into play dough and then letting the child pull them out is a major source of entertainment. It bought me like 15 minutes, and at this age that is quite impressive. Have I mentioned how intensive 12 mos. to 18 mos. is? Well, it is for me.

After reading Messy Play I've decided that letting my son feed himself applesauce counts. The author mentions that messy play needs an objective. Objective: eating.

Noodles count too.

Part Two Coming Soon!


JoeyRes said...

I had to keep telling myself that she'd never learn if she didn't do it herself. It was like a mantra. And kids are washable. Still those messes are tough!

If you want a real mess, make boats out of the play doh and put them in water. Big fun and a huge mess!

Jessica and Jason said...

Sometimes I forget my child is easily washable. If only the rest of my house was.

Rebekah said...

Yes, the house has shown the wear of young children.