Monday, February 22, 2010

Penguins Make Me Laugh

My oldest loves to laugh. Sometimes it is at annoying potty talk, but sometimes it is because of good literary humor like in the book Learning to Fly! Remember the book Waiting for Winter? Well, this is another excellent read by Sebastian Meschenmoser. Here is the link to that book review.

My other book pick was one that grew on me. It is one of those "in" books where they put the words all over the page, trying to make art our of the arches of sentences etc. The tone is slightly sarcastic, and I was sure my boys would not follow it, but they did; they liked it. They lugged it around, read it in the van, entertained themselves with this children's book. So, even though it wasn't my favorite, I would recommend it because it provided good entertainment for my kids....and it grew on me. I might check out another book by this same author in the near future. Boris grew on me.

Finally, a book to avoid: Mom and Dad Glue. Seems like a clever title, so without looking through it I tossed it in to the bag. Ooooops! It is all about a boy whose world is breaking and cracking. There are rips in all the pictures. His parents are divorcing and he's searching for glue to put them back together. In the end he finds the inner strength to accept it all, and suddenly all the pictures no longer have huge cracks in them. Well, not sure how I feel about this book, but it wasn't really applicable to my family, and I wasn't in the mood to explain divorce to sweet innocent boys. Plus, I'm not sure this book is really accurate.....or is that how it works? Do kids just decide to fix it within? Are they somehow made stronger through divorce? I guess they aren't given a lot of options, but I just wanted to boy to find the glue!


Mayra, mommy to Pooh Bear said...

Following from MBC. =D

Jessica and Jason said...

Ah, I do love your children's book reviews. Mom and Dad Glue - no, unfortunately, that's not how it works (at least, in my own childhood experience). Makes for a nice book, I guess, but we won't be checking it out.