Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Writers Write....Oh So True

Writers write. Readers read. Writers read. Readers write. Fight. Fight. Fight. Go Team!

The whole point is that I got out of the rhythm of writing, and I blame it completely on my poor Internet service. No Internet Saturday. None on Sunday. Spotty on Monday. Finally on Tuesday at noon.

But if that is my excuse, that means I can only write when I'm on-line? Scary. I used to write in journals. I have stacks and stacks of them, but now if I were to write that way my hand would fall off, and even I would have trouble reading what I had written....bad handwriting issues.

I used to also write on a typewriter which is where I composed a novel about a mom who had 16 sons---sure to be a classic. I'm glad that wasn't prophetic; I stopped at three. After that my mom moved us up to a word processor with the blinking cursor and the ability to see a whole five lines at once.

In college I received a laptop, all the freshman did. We all sat giddy playing solitaire and writing our papers on the big screen. I could use spell check! Still, I wasn't too tech savvy since I found it always necessary to print and edit on paper vs. straight on the screen.

Whatever my excuse, I didn't write creative thoughts for three days, and now I feel very unmotivated to write. Maybe because I have too many projects and too many deadlines. I really need to get going on my Graphic columns for February, blog posts for this week, a book project in the works, and then my own little fictional project I do for kicks.

But instead what I really want to do right now is stretch out on the couch and take a little snooze.

I made really yummy cookies. Might just eat a few.


Jessica and Jason said...

BUMMER about your internet! Don't you hate being without 'im? I've actually been thinking about journaling - should I get back into it? Can my handwriting take it? What will I do without spell check? eesh.

marilyn said...

The cookies were delicious by the way. Naps, facebook, email and reading always take priority with me. It's wonderful you also like to write.