Tuesday, January 12, 2010

God-Sighting 9,455-Baptism

"But why are you going to get baptized tomorrow?"

"Well, because I love Jesus, and I want others to know that. I want those in our church to know that I know I have sinned, and that I've confessed that to Jesus, and that he's forgiven me."

My son spoke, "Well, I love Jesus too. I want to be baptized too."

This was the conversation that my husband and my oldest had the night before my husband was baptized for the first time at age 34. Being that old might not seem unusual unless you know that my husband committed his life and his life choices to Christ at age 18. Most Christians might be baffled by the time span between his confession of faith and choice to be baptized.

Some of my readers will not be shocked by that time span, but actually might be more surprised that he choice to be baptized. You see, my husband was raised as a Quaker, and until last year had always gone to a Quaker church. I love this about my husband. His expression and view of God was one of the things I found most attractive about him when I first met him in college. He challenged my views as a Christian and he confirmed many of the TRUTHS I was taught as a child by my mother who was also raised as a Christian Quaker.

God is our Light and our joy. We cherish the many TRUTHS that we learned by our fellowship with other Quakers, but we also rejoice that God has moved us to a different place of worship where our understanding of God's Truth is being expanded. That is why my husband decided to be baptized this last week. The time was right.

I believe my husband's act of baptism will be a huge spiritual marker for our four-year-old. He was giddy all Sunday morning. He couldn't wait to get to church, my son not my husband. :) (But maybe my husband too.)

During the worship my son seemed a bit agitated. He kept walking to the front and then returning to our seats near the back. Finally I knelt down beside him and asked him what he wanted, why was he going up front and then coming back to where we were sitting?

"I just want to see Daddy get baptized."

I smiled, "Do you want to go up with Daddy?"

He nodded.

My husband held his hand and assured him that he'd get to go up front.

The pastor spoke.

My husband went up, and in his large hand rested my son's small one.

My son stood as close as he could to the baptismal without getting baptized himself. He saw it all. He heard his daddy's testimony. He listened. He saw. A God-sighting.

My heart rejoiced. I'm glad my husband waited. He waited. He listened. A God-sighting. He sensed the Holy Spirit. He responded, and I know God's perfect timing was at work.

God is good....all the time.


Joshlin said...

WOW! That just made me cry.


Yelitza said...

We are so proud of Hans, what a beautiful moment!

Bruce said...

Really cool, Hans and Rebekah. I like the expansion of the idea of baptism being a public testimony, to seeing it be such a testimony to Bren. Thanks for sharing, Rebekah.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful! (sniff sniff)

Janna said...

Beautiful! Love it! Do Quakers not usually do water baptisms?

Rebekah said...

That is correct Janna. However, NWYM Quakers are not against baptism and do baptize if people desire that. It is not as emphasized as in other Christian denomination.

Rayo said...

This is simply beautiful. And timely. I'm just about to have my baptism and everyone keeps asking why I'm just getting baptized. Reading this assures me of God's perfect timing.
Congrats to your husband!

Rebekah said...

Rayo, Oh good! I'd love to hear your story too!