Monday, January 18, 2010

Five Years?

Has it really been five years? I've been doing this for five years? In roughly a month I began my journey as MOM. That is frightening because I would think after doing this for that long I would feel a bit more confident with myself in this role. But the thing is...the variables keep changing.

Right when I think I have one of them figured out they change on me. New layers in their personalities emerge. Just the other night my husband confirmed my feelings, "I think I need to read that boy book again. (The Little Boy Book.) Seems like our oldest is changing and needing something more...more than just feeling loved, nurtured, and feeling secure."

Yep, he is right. Our soon-to-be-five-year-old is shifting again on us. There isn't anything baby or toddler left in him. He's all boy: this is a new frontier for us.

I was just feeling good about myself as a mom when it came to babies. I walk with confidence with my youngest on my hip. When he tries out his new found skill at temper tantrums I just laugh, remaining calm because I know this too shall pass. But this "boy" thing, this elementary school adventure we are about to embark on....this is new.

Our oldest continues his role of breaking us in. Our middle continues his role at helping us work out the kinks, and our youngest continues to reap the benefits. Birth order, a powerful thing. There is no real way to avoid it.


Heather said...

We are enbarking on the next chapter also. My oldest will be 8 in June and we are a totally differnt animal than we were a few years ago.

My youngest is also reaping all the benefits of being the third. Sometimes I feel bad for the other two that they have to go through all the growing pains.

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Isn't that the way of it? Just when naptimes were coordinated, an older one would be ready to quit naps... and so it goes.

FeliciaE said...

What a fun confusing age. My oldest girl is 7 and it has been wonderfly amazing watching her go from a little girl to a big girl.

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Jeremy and Ang said...

im sure you have heard of all books...but i have heard great things about the book "bringing up boys". i think its by dobson. Obviously i have no experience or need of but if you haven't heard of it or read it, it may be a good one for you... =)